Electric Avenue Ninja Center

Electric Avenue Ninja Center

Electric Avenue Ninja Center

Our brand new Ninja Center is a fully climate controlled, 2,900 square foot facility devoted specifically to the sport of Ninja. This facility features equipment and obstacles just like you’ve seen on your favorite Ninja Warrior TV shows. Designed to challenge Ninjas of all ages, our obstacles include:

• Unstable Bridge

• Trapeze Bar

• Leche Bar

• Cargo Bag

• Ninja Course Single Rope Grab

• Tilting Frames

• Chucks with Slings

• Cliff Hanger

LR Ninja Center-7377.jpg

• Curved Rail Rings

• Traverse Box

• The Cobra

• Triple Hanging Doors

• Salmon Ladder

• Flying Bar Trainer

• The Revolver

• 2.5” Bombs

LR Ninja Center-7381.jpg

• 3.5” Bombs

• Ring and Peg Peak

• U-Rope Bridge

• Triple Ring Grab

• Inverted Cargo Crawl

• 10’ Warped Wall

• 12’ Warped Wall

• Slanted Step Course

LR Ninja Center-7390.jpg