It all started when…

a group of determined Athletes and a very dedicated Coach found themselves looking for a new home. Pair that with a group of committed Parents who were intent on keeping this Team of truly talented Athletes together and in the blink of an eye, literally, the conceptual basis for Electric Avenue Acro was created.


After temporarily operating at several locations during the construction, we officially moved in to our new facility during December of 2017. Our Gym was a 4,000 square foot space that was intended to accommodate up to about 75 students in both Acro and Tumbling Classes. By early Summer of 2018 enrollment had grown to over 100 Students and we found ourselves having to decide between growing the program or capping it off. Fortunately, we were able to negotiate for a larger space within the same complex and after about a month of remodeling, Building 2 was ready to house our growing Acro Family. During the summer of 2019, we found ourselves expanding once again. This time we added a 2,900 square foot full blown Ninja Center complete with some of the cool obstacles you’ve seen on your favorite Ninja Warrior TV show.

We are excited about the future of our program and being a part of the success of these amazing young Athletes.


We believe that building a successful program requires a healthy blend of Athletes, Coaches, Community and Management. When we were tasked with building Electric Avenue Acro, we wanted our logo to reflect our guiding principles and values. So when you look carefully at our logo you might see a lightning bolt which symbolizes the energy that embodies our program. Looking deeper you will see that an Athlete emerges and these young Athletes are central to our mission and our goals. Perhaps you can see a road, one with no beginning and no end which is symbolic of our journey. A journey where we welcome any Athlete, regardless of ability, to join our program. Yet for us, it goes far deeper than that. Dissecting further reveals the number 3 which represents our three guiding principles for building these young Athletes into Champions: Preparation, Focus and determination.

 We are glad the road has led you to Electric Avenue Acro and welcome you as a part of our Team that will prepare these Athletes for the road ahead by giving them the tools and training that can be used for a lifetime. We are deeply committed to each Athlete and strive to help them become the best versions of themselves.


Looking into the future can often be difficult, especially with how quickly technology, communication, participation and programs evolve. We, as a Company, stand prepared to evolve, learn and grow to meet the needs of our program, our Athletes and our Staff. We continually look for training programs designed to keep us at the forefront of the industry as well as opportunities to involve our Athletes in competition and exhibition events throughout the country.

Part of building a strong competitive Team is bringing in College level Coaches and Consultants for class and private instruction, which not only benefit the Athletes, but also provides our Coaching Staff with techniques, concepts and ideas that will help guide our teaching and training programs going forward.

 Additionally, we often utilize independent Consulting Choreographers, Coaches and Trainers to help design and implement our Show Team and work with our Competition Team.


It is our mission to help our students achieve the best versions of themselves. To do it in a safe environment, with calculated growth, based on ability and skill set, and to establish realistic goals within the program designed to deliver favorable results. We believe in providing a friendly and inviting atmosphere where an innovative experience of uncompromising quality gives our Athletes a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a non-intimidating, judgement-free environment.