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Tumbling • Acrobatics • Cheer • Little Ninjas

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Class Offerings



We offer a full compliment of Tumbling Classes for all experience levels from beginner to advanced. Our class placements are based on experience and skill level achieved.


Our Cheer Prep Classes cover all the bases to best prepare each student for the school try-out process and teach the skills necessary to light up the sidelines on Friday night!

AGES 4 TO 11

Inspired by the TV show American Ninja Warrior, our Little Ninjas Class combines gymnastics, martial arts techniques, obstacle training and freestyle movement.


Out Stunt Class is especially suited for those Athletes who want to expand on their Stunting skills, including Flyers, Bases and Mid-Bases. We work on stability of the structure, technique of the Flyer and safety of the skill.


Students are introduced to a class structure that is age appropriate, through simple stretching excersices , rhythm, self awareness, imagination, and social skills. Parent attends class with their child.


An excellent prep class for younger Athletes who want to be a part of our Acro Competition and/or Acro Show Team. The skills taught at this level prepare youngsters for a smooth transition to the Team.

Team Acro

Competition Acrobatics and Tumbling 

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Team Acro

Acro is a combination of Gymnastics, Cheer and Floor Routines that involves Tumbling, Toss, Acrobatic Lifts and Pyramids. Acro Teams compete in six events including – Compulsories, Acro, Pyramid, Toss, Tumbling and a Team Event. The skill sets of Tumbling and Acrobatics are also the athletic components of Cheerleading. The lifts and tosses you see in Cheerleading are actually Acrobatics and Gymnastics skills. Competitors in this sport demonstrate significant strength, power, flexibility, and balance in their skill sets performed. At the Junior High and High School level, our Teams compete at several events around the country leading up to the National Championships in Las Vegas. The current competitive Acrobatics & Tumbling structure allows for a Youth, Junior and Senior Division.

Electric Avenue Acro’s Junior and Senior Teams are the reigning National Champions and our Youth Team took Silver.

Acrobatics and Tumbling (A&T) has become an exciting spectator sport and is offered at numerous Colleges and Universities around the country with the number of participating schools growing dramatically over the last few years. With Division 1 Universities like Baylor, Oregon and others offering favorable scholarships for incoming A&T Athletes, we recognize the opportunity for these Athletes and have built our Team Acro program to be a preparatory track for Athletes who want to continue the sport at the Collegiate level.


Show Team

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Acro Show Team

The Electric Avenue Show Team is comprised of members from our Acro Competition Teams and is not age specific. It is our goal to include all members of the various Acro Competition Teams in one cohesive group that forms our annual EAA Show Team Production. Each year the production theme changes, but it always includes the elements that comprise Competitive Acrobatics and Tumbling choreographed with Dance, Costumes and Music.

In addition to the regular competitive events we attend, our Show Team has also performed at halftime for the San Antonio Spurs, Austin Spurs,The Harlem Globetrotters, Baylor Acrobatics and Tumbling Match as well as numerous local and regional events.


Birthday Parties

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