Tumbling is the basis for most all Gymnastics, Cheer and Acrobatic sports. We offer a progressive, multi-class structure designed to build on existing skills and grow in a positive teaching environment. Our Coaching Staff consists of elite level, USA Gymnastics Credentialed Coaches who teach in a positive, safe and encouraging fashion that provides each Athlete with the knowledge and skills needed to progress in all aspects of Cheer, Acro and Power Tumbling.

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Beginner Tumbling

Electric Avenue Acro's Beginner Tumbling classes are perfect for the aspiring tumbler who needs to learn, develop and perfect fundamental tumbling skills such as handstands, bridges, rolls, cartwheels, walkovers and the ever important round-off.  Students will also learn the basics of a back-handspring.  

 The primary goal of these classes is to properly prepare each tumbler for running tumbling passes which require a strong and efficient round-off and to develop the skills necessary for flipping. Tumblers should expect to train in a Beginner Class until their handstands are stable, their round-offs are clean and powerful, they can execute a back and front walkover, and they can cleanly execute a back-handspring with a spot and over a rolling mat.

 Once they reach these milestones, tumblers will be advanced to a Back-Handspring or an Intermediate Tumbling Class.


handspring | intermediate

Electric Avenue Acro's Handspring and Intermediate Tumbling Classes are for those athletes who have mastered their fundamental tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, round-offs and can execute a standing and running back-handspring without a spot and are ready to begin learning handspring series, and back and front tuck flips.  These classes are perfect for those students who want to clean up and strengthen their back-handsprings and running handspring series.

 Intermediate classes will also begin to introduce alternate tumbling moves such as walk-overs, flips and rolls to standard round-off back-handspring passes.

 Once students have fully mastered their series of back-handsprings without a spot and have a solid grasp of back tucks they will be advanced to a Tucks & More Class.

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tucks & more advanced tumbling

Electric Avenue Acro’s Tucks & More Advanced Tumbling Classes are for the most accomplished Tumblers who have mastered skills in the Handspring Class. At this level we work on free-flipping skills and the various body positions like tucks, pikes and straight.

Tuck skills include Back Tuck, Back Pike, Back Layout, Front Tuck, Front Pike and Standing Back Tuck.

Drills and skills learned at this level allow for progression into adding twists. As you progress, we will introduce twists in 180 degree increments as you work towards a full and double.

Skills we work on at this level are Back 1/2, Back Full, Back 1-1/2, Back Double Full, Front Full and Front Double Full.