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Stunt Class and Flyer Training

Recommended for Ages 6 and up, beginner to advanced.

The Electric Avenue Acro Stunt Class is specifically tailored for Cheer and Acro Athletes who want to improve their stunting skills in a healthy and safe environment. Taught by USAG accredited Coaches, our class covers all aspects of Cheer, Acro & Tumbling stunts and is especially beneficial for the positions of bases, back spots, mid-bases and flyers. In addition to expanding on technique, we build strength and confidence through training and proper application of each skill set. Athletes will have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded Students who are focused on building a strong path towards Cheer and A&T at the Junior, Senior and Collegiate levels.

This is an excellent preparatory program for any Athlete wanting to continue their Cheer or A&T career at the Collegiate level as well as those who perform, or want to perform at the Junior High and High School levels.