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Rico Ruiz

Rico graduated from Texas Tech University where he was a Cheerleader for 2 years. He was also a Cheerleader at the University of Houston for 2 years prior to that.

He is a 10 time NCA Champion Athlete and Coach and a World Champion Cheerleader. He has a natural ability to write and execute amazing choreography routines and is responsible for the choreography and dance routines for our Competition Team and Show Team.

Rico is the Lead Instructor for our Cheer Program, including Advanced Cheer Prep, Jump Intensive and he is involved with our other Cheer classes. His extensive Cheerleading experience, both as a Coach and an Athlete, make him one of the top Cheer Coaches in the Country.

He is excited to be at Electric Avenue and looks forward to working with the amazing talent in this area.

Rico enjoys doing home improvements and DIY projects when he’s not at the Gym.