Preschool Tumbling and Motor Development

Preschool Tumbling Image R3.jpg

3-1/2 to 6 Years

As an introduction to Acrobatics and Tumbling, our Preschool Program is designed to encourage whole body exercise, including development in strength, flexibility, and coordination. Classes are structured, but not rigid so that children can channel their physical energy while learning to socialize with other students in a safe and fun environment.

The EAA Preschool Program features weekly themes to stimulate play and exercise. Each class opens with an activity designed to facilitate participation and creative movement. Following the opening activity, our Instructors lead the class into more focused tumbling training utilizing all Gym amenities.

Our program is structured to:

  • Foster children’s cognitive development by teaching them the difference between left and right.

  • Help develop spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination.

  • Build children’s confidence and social skills.

  • Aid in children’s physical development by strengthening their bodies and bones as well as giving them the opportunity to be active and exercise.

  • Help children develop self-control and other self-regulation skills as they learn to wait their turn, follow instructions, stay on task and develop listening skills.

  • Build a strong foundation for all sports and sporting activities.