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Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation...

Our story began when some very determined athletes and one dedicated coach found themselves looking for a home.  Merge that with a group of very committed parents who were devoted to keeping the team together. In the blink of an eye, all roads led to Electric Avenue. 

Why Electric Avenue Acro? When we were tasked with building EAA we wanted our logo to express our principals and our values. We wanted it to represent what we value about our program. At first glance you may see a lightning bolt that symbolizes the energy that embodies our program. If you look closer you will see that an athlete emerges and these young athletes are central to our mission and to our goals. You might even see a road, a road with no beginning and no end, one that is symbolic of our journey. A journey where we welcome any athlete, regardless of ability, to join us. Yet for us, it goes much deeper than that. Dissecting further reveals the number three which represents our three guiding principles for building Athletes into Champions. Preparation, Focus and Determination. No matter how you found us, we are glad your road has led you to Electric Avenue. We are proud to say this course will wind through our guiding principles and help prepare your child for the road ahead by giving them tools that can be used for a lifetime. We are deeply committed to each student to help them become the best versions of themselves. 




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