Mommy & Me

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 Teach your little ones to tumble, balance, stretch and strengthen with Electric Avenue Acro. Our Mommy (or Daddy) & Me Class is a perfect way for you and your little one work on age-appropriate skills that will provide them with confidence and improved well-being. 

Guided activities and exercises facilitate exploration and body awareness through play with Mommy (or Daddy) and Friends. Your little one will receive lessons on taking instructions and following simple rules and guidelines while improving hand/eye coordination, balance and fine motor skills. Exposure to teamwork and playing with others in numerous instructor led exercises will give your Toddler early learning skills that will last a lifetime.

 Our Parent/Child class provides a perfect way for both you and your little one to interact with others and make new friends, all while benefiting from a safe, structured program including exercise, fitness, gymnastics and sports. 

Need a different time? We’re always looking to open new classes that best suit your needs. Request a specific time and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Feel free to call, email or submit your request below.