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Little Ninjas

The Electric Avenue Acro Little Ninjas program is designed to give kids a fun approach to health & fitness as they work on strength, flexibility, coordination and agility. A unique obstacle course is implemented to test skill levels and build awareness to problem solving.

Obstacle courses include running, climbing, jumping, crawling and balancing with the goal of improving speed and endurance. We mix in elements that require problem solving to build mental awareness. We use many of the same types of obstacles found on American Ninja Warrior, created and sized for youngsters.

Certain Parkour elements are also implemented with the aim of training students how to get from point to point in the most efficient way possible. Gymnastics, such as flipping, tumbling, spinning and vaulting are also included in the Little Ninja curriculum. The goal of the program is to build overall body awareness, strength and conditioning.

If your child (boy or girl) loves American Ninja Warrior, this is the program for them.