Cheer Prep

ages 6 and up, beginner to elite

Wanna make the school cheer team?  It's never too soon to start preparing!  It goes without saying that the Athletes who prepare the most for try-outs have the best chance to make it... so up your chances with an EAA Cheer Prep Class.

Electric Avenue's Cheer Prep Classes will cover all the bases to best prepare each Student for the School try-out process and provide the skills necessary to light up the sidelines.  Curriculum will include Motions, Jumps, Spiriting (which is one of the most crucial and under trained skills in the average try-out), cheers and Entrances & Exits.  Students will increase their confidence and competency through repetition and try-out simulations.

Other skills taught, based on level, include Lifts, Toss, Base and Tumbling.

Learn from USAG credentialed Coaches who are previous Collegiate Cheerleaders. Our Cheer Prep Class will give you the tools and techniques necessary for you to make your school’s Cheer Squad.