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Bevin Baughn

Bevin is one of the founding partners of Electric Avenue Acro. Her passion for fitness and wellbeing fueled her desire to be a part of the ownership group.

A 2015 graduate of the Plan II Program from the University of Texas at Austin, she is currently working as an Actuary in San Francisco. After graduation she was a part of Texas 4000 which is a group of about 70 graduates that ride their bikes from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research. The 4,000 mile journey took the team 70 days.

Bevin enjoys her visits back home to Texas and watching this group of talented Athletes train in the Gym. She has been instrumental with program development & marketing and plans to introduce several new programs including Aerial Silk Gymnastics.

Her hobbies and interests include Circus Arts, reading, fitness, music and travel.